The Australian Public Schools Yearbook is a free, informative, quick reference guide to other schools, products and services. It will be staying on my desk from now on.

“What a great little resource!

This has helped us quickly and easily locate schools interstate with whom we would like to professionally share.

It has taken the guess work out of our searches.

I find the Australian Municipal Yearbook very useful, it is kept within hands reach and is regularly used to gain contact information / details for other Councils in our state and New South Wales. i also find the advertisements extremely useful when sourcing products and services. The index at the back enables quick referencing.

I find that the Municipal Yearbook is a handy tool for the use of finding people in similar positions  to myself if you are wanting to either network or ask any questions that may be able to be solved quickly or if you are looking for a particular supplier that are always a bit harder to find in the rural areas.

The book has been hot property in my office. We all find it very useful in being able to speak to counterparts in  different jurisdictions. it has saved us all a lot of time, effort and stress! I look forward to receiving the extra copies. Thanks very much.

I do find it useful to identify various Queensland Council in particular to get contact details and locations. Even though we went through amalgamations back in 2008 (and de amalgamations more recently) it is sometimes difficult to recall the names of the new Councils, so the book is handy in that regard too.

Just wanted to provide some feedback on the Australian Municipal Yearbook, I have it on my desk next to my phone in easy reach. It’s great for referencing other Councils, in particular other officers in a similar role to myself. Handy little publication!

I find the Australian Municipal Handbook a great tool for sourcing the correct officers in other surrounding Shires, Towns & City Councils. As we are a rural based Shire we tend to seek staff from surrounding areas to share training to make up numbers, have machinery demonstrations and ask for information on how they do things etc.
I have worked in Local Government for 11 years and have developed some good contacts but as you are probably aware people that work in Local Government tend to relocate to other councils throughout their careers so it helps to keep in touch that way also.

Our team uses the publication to guide callers to other relative Council contacts when needed.

I find the AM yearbook a handy tool for referencing and local gov contacts, it sits in my office and is accessible to all works staff whom have used it on numerous occasions to outsource suppliers for quotations and contracts to help complete major and minor works on various City projects

The book is handy to use when wanting to make contact with an agency in another jurisdiction whether it be state government or federal.

I find the book very informative and useful and it’s a good service that Aberdeen House provides these details as a free service.

I keep the yearbook close to my desk as it is a handy reference to quickly find information on other councils.

I find the Australian Municipal Yearbook an invaluable resource for locating contacts and addresses at other Councils not only in South Australia but other states. I have at my fingertips a single resource for any contact I need anywhere. I don’t have to go looking anywhere else. It’s all just there.

As discussed I find the Australian Municipal Yearbook very useful. I keep it on my desk where other staff members have access to it. I only recently used it in place of the internet for other local government contacts and address. It’s a more up to date & reliable version.

I worked with Aberdeen House in my role of On Road Sales Manager at The One Stop Shop Australia. The account manager is a consummate professional with a great work ethic and with the staff at Aberdeen House have been an absolute pleasure to deal with as we have advertised in the Victorian Government Listing. Aberdeen House and the account manager prepared our advertising to be comprehensive and meet the unique needs of each Government Department we were wanting to do business with.
He also sought out other listings, online login’s and additional books to ensure that The One Stop Shop Australia was covering all area’s within local and state government departments decision makers, making it easy to get the right person for the right department. I would recommend Aberdeen House without any hesitation.

The Australian Municipal Yearbook is a useful sales tool to identify key council contacts who are relevant to our business. Our reps carry a copy around the country. The database is updated on a yearly basis – it is great to access the latest information. The back page is a good location. We also use the database to help form DM campaigns.

As Corporate and Government Business Manager for New Holland Agriculture, I work with our Dealer network, in promoting our Products and Services, to Councils and Government Bodies across Australia. The Local Government Yearbook is the publication I turn to on a daily basis, sourcing information such as Council addresses, phone numbers, and contacts. This “one stop shop” makes my job that much easier.

Aberdeen House has gone out of their way to help the Australian Regional Tourism Network by providing us with access to the national database of Local Government Managers. The assistance Aberdeen House has given us as a company is invaluable and means we can now have meaningful and cost effective communication with Local Governments.

Around 85% of our business income comes from government departments. So it made perfect sense for us to advertise in both Aberdeen House’ publications. This has been part of a national expansion program for our organisation, which has included engagement on all levels with municipal, state and federal government entities.

Our exposure through both Yearbooks has been enormously worthwhile and has dovetailed into our broader marketing plan very elegantly. I have no hesitation in recommending Aberdeen House Yearbooks to any organisation interested in increasing their connection with local, state or federal government buyers.

I have found the book useful to find my counterparts in other states and territories.

I use the publication to find people of similar roles in different jurisdictions. This publication is a good starting point to look at the relevant contacts in connection with my works.

We use the New Zealand Education Yearbook to look up contact details all the time and I find it more useful than Google.

The Yearbook is used regularly to access information and get contact details for other Councils across New Zealand. I will register and look forward to using the online version as well.

I find the publication useful to reach managers to discuss upcoming projects and to review supplier information.

My department uses our copy of the Government Yearbook to source suppliers and gather information for various projects and events.

I keep the New Zealand Government Yearbook nearby to quickly find information on other councils.

I use this resource to reach out to other Council contacts to discuss issues such as health, cultural and social services.

We have received our copies annually and the book is used often for a variety of details we require in the office.

I use the New Zealand Government Yearbook to look up various contacts of other district health boards across New Zealand.

I use the publication to track down people with similar roles within different district councils. It’s also useful to locate suppliers for rural areas.

The NZGY is kept nearby to find various counterparts to discuss planning strategies and procurement projects.

The New Zealand Government Yearbook is a valuable resource that lists key contacts in Local Authorities and Government Departments in one handy volume.

I find the NZGY a useful tool referencing local government contacts beyond those in my immediate area. It sits on my shelf where I have easy access to this resource.

I have used the print publication of  the NZGY to look up contacts and now have registered online to source information as well.

My Copy of the New Zealand Government Yearbook is on my reference shelf and I use it to reach out to other Human Resources advisers.

I wanted to congratulate the team on the production of a fantastic publication. You really have created a great “one stop shop” for contact information for those involved in procurement in both Local and Central Government. I am frequently approached with advertising and branding opportunities. Your team’s professionalism and the overall quality of your publication, made it a very easy decision to commit to 6 full page advertisements. I am sure our clientele in the public sector will find this to be a great work resource and for many users it will be a daily reference source that is likely to save countless hours and a heap of frustration. Well done to the team….

Our company has received the NZ Government year Book from Aberdeen House since its inception in 2013 and we’ve found it very useful for keeping track of the people we need to contact in central and local government. Aberdeen’s team are always on the ball and very easy to deal with.

I find the Yearbook to be a useful resource when I need to identify the contact names, positions and details of officers from other local governments throughout the State.

The New Zealand Government Yearbook allows our team to contact other district councils and I appreciate learning about the online version as well. We hope to put that to good use.

The Government Yearbook allows me to easily reference staff across New Zealand to discuss projects and facilitate my role in making our council more efficient and effective.

The New Zealand Education Yearbook has proven to be an invaluable tool, it is on my desk and used all the time.

We have used the online version of the NZGY and find it to be a handy tool to quickly look up other government contacts.

I find the NZGY to be useful in finding contacts in other councils. I keep it in my vehicle for easy reference.

We refer to the New Zealand Government Yearbook to find supplier dealing with various Council assets.