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Over 200,000 Free copies to Government since 2011

Communication Directories

We produce communications directories that we provide free of charge to public sector staff across Australia and New Zealand. They contain staff listings and management hierarchies so that you can easily locate and reference your counterparts within different public sector departments, agencies, and institutions.
Our aim is to aid in the day-to-day sharing of best practices and collaboration between entities.

Free to Government

Over the past 12 years, we are proud to have provided over 200,000 copies of our publications to Australian and New Zealand Government staff — all at no cost.

Sustained by Advertisers

Our publication is made possible thanks to the support of our advertisers, who offer relevant products and services. In addition to featuring advertisements throughout the publication, we provide an index of products and services offered by private sector companies for easy reference. We strive to maintain a diverse mix of both large and small-to-medium enterprises in line with government guidelines, helping to drive value at each end of the spectrum.

Seamless Online Access

As a government employee, you are entitled to complimentary access to our website. By registering you'll gain unrestricted entry to an extensive database of suppliers serving the public sector throughout Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, you will have access to information and staff listings on government departments and public education and health institutions. These resources are here to facilitate you in making informed procurement decisions and in optimizing efficiencies.

Additional Complimentary Copies

In addition to our widespread distribution of hard copy publications to various departments and agencies, we are able to offer additional copies upon request. For any extra copies needed, please reach out to us through the following channels: